day 110 - baby alea

The following post was not written by me, but my good friend Andrea, mentioned below, has been working fervently to bring this sweet child to the United States for her life-saving surgery. As I write this, phone calls are being made, letters are being written, donations are being taken, prayers are being said, all in an effort to save this child's life. Every child deserves a chance and it's thrilling to see what happens when people step up and say they will help, and when God steps in and brings it all together, in a beautiful, miraculous plan.

I'd like you to meet Alea.

Alea was born in China on September 28, 2011 and abandoned three months later, on December 28th, at the local bank. The police were called but were unable to locate Alea's parents. She was taken to the local orphanage. There was a note with her telling of her medical condition. The orphanage realized they would not be able to provide the care (including surgery) that Alea would need, so they contacted New Day Foster Home, asking if they would be willing to try to help save her. Alea arrived at New Day on February 22, 2012.

Alea was born with severe  biliary atresia, and she needs a liver transplant to survive. On April 9th, I received this "Knee Time" prayer e-mail from New Day explaining that organs for transplants are virtually non-existant in China. Without a miracle, Alea would not survive. I don't know about you, but I read that and I think, that IS NOT okay. There has to be a way. I e-mailed Karen, the director at New Day, and asked her if the orphanage would allow Alea to come to the states for surgery if we found a hospital and doctors who were willing to do it pro bono. She said that they would allow that. 

The next day, I posted a simple request on Facebook: who has a high-level contact at a children's hospital in the US that might be able to help little Alea? Several people contacted me, and they all went to work contacting their contacts. Meanwhile, we prayed and waited to see what God would do. And God did what God does: 
He showed up and He moved mountains (a whole mountain range, in fact).

I cannot give any details yet, however there is a major children's hospital here in the US that is in the FINAL stages of approving Alea's liver transplant surgery, thanks to the contacts, persistence and hard work of another New Day mom, advocate for orphans, and friend of mine, Andrea.

This hospital is awaiting just one final approval from a woman who is on vacation this week and will return next week. We anticipate their final decision next week. In addition, Andrea also made some calls and found an organization to cover the cost of Alea's medical visa, transportation to the States, and her passport. (Yeah, Andrea is no joke I tell ya, and she's got connections.)

WOW. And I thought that it might be hard. Not with God, it's not.

There is a thing or two that is not covered, and we will get to that....but for now, I wanted you to fall in love with little Alea, to print out her picture, stick it on your fridge, and for you to PRAY without ceasing for her.

 that all the final approvals will come through and we will get the green light to bring her to the states for the surgery to save her life.
 that the sea of red tape will part to make it possible for Alea to get here sooner than later.
 for Alea to remain healthy and strong while she waits and prepares for surgery.
...and thank God for His provision for Alea, and ask Him to continue to continue to move mountains for Alea, because there are many more to come!

For those of you who will ask me, "How can I help?".....stay tuned! There are a few things that Alea still needs, so 
if you would like to be a part of a miracle, then you will have an opportunity to very, very soon! 

Meanwhile, just look at her little face and dream about what God can do in and through her little life....because He has already started!

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  1. Wow!! What an amazing story. I will PRAY. and watch and wait. I would love to help