day 151 - memorial day fun

We spent Memorial Day at Andy & Lisa's house with church friends and family. The kids were in the pool all day, barely stopping to eat, drink, or reapply sunscreen; they had a GREAT time. The weather was slightly overcast, which helped keep the temps down and while the kids played in the water, the adults ate, talked, relaxed, and had a wonderful time. It was a great way to spend Memorial Day!

Eleanor ready to jump in with her noodle

LilyKate loves the water

Jackie having fun
They all loved this huge beach ball
Eleanor on her kickboard
Sweet LK
Hey Mommy!


day 147 - all about eleanor

Eleanor is a sweet, silly, snuggly girl. She loves her family and includes all of us, even our dog Henry, in her prayers at night. Her sister is her BFF. She gets very shy in new social situations and relies on LilyKate to take the lead. She likes coloring, painting, drawing, and all things crafty. She dresses up as a princess almost every day, with a gown, gloves, heels and lots of accessories. She is ALL girl. She has been in love with ladybugs since she was two and a half and shows no signs of moving on any time soon. She knows what she wants and somehow, always manages to get it, especially is it's something her sister has. She rarely stops moving or talking.  She adores books and usually takes one or more to bed with her. She is a truly happy girl. She goes to bed smiling and wakes up the same way. She makes us laugh every day. Her beauty takes my breath away. Something about the way the light hits her face is magical and I can't stop taking her picture.

She is sunshine, joy and love.

She is all this and more.

She is a gift from God. 

Three faces of Eleanor


day 145 - visiting morgan

Our sweet niece, Morgan, invited us to come to school and have lunch with her today. Morgan goes to the same school the girls will attend in the fall, so we were excited to go and eat in the cafeteria and see what elementary school was all about. We found Morgan coming back from the playground and headed with her to the cafeteria. The girls loved seeing their new school and all the kids, and spending time with their cousin...thanks for inviting us Morgan, we love you!

LilyKate, Morgan and Eleanor
The girls checking out the school
We love our new school
We can't wait for Kindergarten


day 144 - fun by the pool

I went to my friend Andrea's house today, along with friends Fabiola and Julie, so our kids could swim and play together. Even though the weather was mild, the sun stayed hidden, so the pool felt a little cold (especially to us moms). That didn't stop the little people from having fun - in the water and out. They are all such sweet kids. We are blessed to have them. Thanks sweet friends for a lovely afternoon, and thanks Andrea for hosting us!

Benjamin, Vivien, Emma Lael, LilyKate and Eleanor
Can't you see I'm busy here?
Benjamin and Olivia in background
My sweet Ellie
Emma Lael
Busy at play
Eleanor, Vivy and Benjamin


day 141 - two birthdays

We celebrated our cousin Seth's birthday and spent the day playing outside....from the slip and slide, to bikes and scooters, to a golf cart ride to the park. The girls love all their cousins and have such fun with them all. We had a great day and the fun didn't end there! We then stayed and celebrated Michael's (Jonathan's brother) birthday as well, with a cookout and a second round of cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Seth and Michael!

The girls enjoying the slip and slide
Eleanor running for another turn

Birthday boy Seth with his cool new helmet....he wouldn't pose with his bike
Cute cousins having fun
Cool Spiderman cake

Getting ready to blow out the candles
I just love his expression here!

Wonderful family there to celebrate Seth
Opening presents
Sweet sweet Lizzie
Michael and his gorgeous girls, Morgan and Jackie
More cake and candles!