day 126 - reunion day four part 1

We started the day off with a photo shoot of our girls. One of the moms, Nicole, had ordered the dresses and bows, and they were so incredibly cute in their matching outfits. We caused quite a commotion as we walked down to the beach! The weather was beautiful and the girls were having fun and being cooperative. Unfortunately, my camera was not, so the pics we took were with our little pocket Sony...not anywhere near as good, but with a half a dozen or so parents also clicking away like mad, I know someone among us got some decent shots. I  did take some video, which is hilarious, as you can hear all the parents calling out instructions and trying to get the attention of their kids...insanity!

We are truly blessed to be able to reunite with this wonderful group every year and get to see the girls grow up, but hold onto that special bond as China sisters. As they get older, they will have these lifelong friends to turn to, who know exactly how they feel, and will relate as no-one else can...priceless!

LilyKate, Sophie, Sophia, Amelia, Abby, Stephanie, Eleanor and Claire

Eleanor, Claire, Sophia, Amelia, Abby, Sophie, LilyKate and Stephanie

Ring around the rosies



Daddy and his girls

Me and my sweethearts

Classic shot of Jonathan with all the girls

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