day 132 - we heart art

The girls both love art; drawing, coloring, painting, you name it! We usually have crayons and paper out and they are always going back to their drawings and adding to them. That is a big part of why the girls love school - arts and crafts - and boy do they bring home a ton of stuff! So far, I have saved almost all of it, but I am going to have to start paring it all down, or I'll need a storage space to contain it all!

Eleanor's drawing of Mommy as queen
LilyKate's self-portrait as Princess
Tonight we went to their preschool for the annual art show and got to see their friends, have some refreshments and view some of their creations. It was so much fun and we will sure miss their sweet little school and all their friends next year...can't believe it's almost over!

One of many :-)
The teachers made a book of pictures from the year

Such precious memories!
Both books had this sweet note in the back...love their teachers!

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