day 138 - study partners

For the past eight weeks, I have had the honor and privilege of co-leading a Mom's Bible Study with these two amazing ladies, Fabiola and Andrea. When they asked Andrea and I to think about leading the study, we were reluctant at first, but the more we thought about it, the more we felt lead to do it. We both knew that adding Fabiola to the mix would be a smart thing to do...her quiet wisdom and sweet spirit were just what we needed (I am rarely described as being quiet or sweet!)

We have all learned so much from this wonderful Beth Moore study on James, as well as from the great group of ladies who joined us on this journey. James' overriding message is one that calls us to act out our faith....to not just believe it, but LIVE IT! To love others, speak with kindness, help the poor, act as people who will be judged, have patience and mercy, and to pray, pray, pray.

I have been deeply moved by this study and feel called to make changes in my life. Thank you ladies for being there, for holding me up, for our prayer time, and for your wisdom and friendship...I am glad we decided to take the plunge together, and we came out the other side in one piece! I love you both!

After today's session, we gathered up our little ones, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the park. The day was beautiful and the company too!

Benjamin, LilyKate, Eleanor and Emma Lael

Sweet girl EL

Three Chinese girls in their "teepee"
Precious Olivia....photo by Andrea
EL and Olivia playing in the sand

Driving already