day 140 - bye bye preschool...

This was LilyKate and Eleanor in August of last year, on the first day Pre-K. They were so happy to be going back, excited to see their friends and ready for a new year.

 Here are Eleanor and LilyKate nine months later, on the last day of Pre-K 2012, still happy, excited and ready (and wearing the same t-shirts)!

I drove the girls to preschool in the golf cart almost every day....rain or shine!

Last time they will walk through these doors into Pre-K

LilyKate, Ella, Amanda, Eleanor and Emma Lael

LilyKate and her good friend, Amanda

Eleanor receiving her "diploma"

LilyKate with her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Immel and Mrs. Lloyd
Good friends - Amanda, LK, Vivien, Eleanor and Ella
Having fun at the class party
My good friend and fellow party mom, Andrea, with her daughter Emma Lael.
Our snack for the party - fruity palm trees

Me and my silly girls
Emma Lael

We love our teachers and will miss them!!

The girls with sweet Ella
Preschool Graduate Eleanor
LK the proud grad

We have had a GREAT year and will miss our friends at preschool, but we will always remember our time there, and we know Kindergarten awaits!


  1. what a GREAT year is has been for our girls and for us....i've made a dear friend in YOU...God knew we'd need each other...we're both almost 50 :0) with 4 year old girls adopted from China....looking at our girls friends mom's.... i swear they look like they are still in high school ;) who could of ever guessed we'd hit it off so well and build a friendship? God knew that's who....i am thankful for His perfect plan.
    our girls need each other they have a bond that will forever be strong....they share a common red thread....yes, they will meet other friends and have great times but eleanor, lily kate & emma lael were born only 3 days apart in far away china...they end up in GA with mom's who are older (we don't feel older but we are...let's say we are wiser) they will face trials other children won't understand but the 3 of them will UNDERSTAND each other....with all that said, THANK you Lord for loving these 3 beautiful girls we call DAUGHTERS...bringing them to families that you hand picked for them...i need to stop because i am crying now and can't see the keys on the keyboard.

    jeremiah 29:11

  2. Congratulations LilyKate and Eleanor! And hugs to mama. Big step. I *might* have cried when I took my babies to kindergarten.