day 144 - fun by the pool

I went to my friend Andrea's house today, along with friends Fabiola and Julie, so our kids could swim and play together. Even though the weather was mild, the sun stayed hidden, so the pool felt a little cold (especially to us moms). That didn't stop the little people from having fun - in the water and out. They are all such sweet kids. We are blessed to have them. Thanks sweet friends for a lovely afternoon, and thanks Andrea for hosting us!

Benjamin, Vivien, Emma Lael, LilyKate and Eleanor
Can't you see I'm busy here?
Benjamin and Olivia in background
My sweet Ellie
Emma Lael
Busy at play
Eleanor, Vivy and Benjamin


  1. emma lael looks like she never eats....i PROMISE she eats more than any other 4.5 year old i've ever been around. love the pictures susan!
    let's do it again next week....mr. sunshine please come out so we can play in the pool and not freeze.

  2. Lovely .. You are very lucky to have such wonderful friends close by with kids the same age