day 147 - all about eleanor

Eleanor is a sweet, silly, snuggly girl. She loves her family and includes all of us, even our dog Henry, in her prayers at night. Her sister is her BFF. She gets very shy in new social situations and relies on LilyKate to take the lead. She likes coloring, painting, drawing, and all things crafty. She dresses up as a princess almost every day, with a gown, gloves, heels and lots of accessories. She is ALL girl. She has been in love with ladybugs since she was two and a half and shows no signs of moving on any time soon. She knows what she wants and somehow, always manages to get it, especially is it's something her sister has. She rarely stops moving or talking.  She adores books and usually takes one or more to bed with her. She is a truly happy girl. She goes to bed smiling and wakes up the same way. She makes us laugh every day. Her beauty takes my breath away. Something about the way the light hits her face is magical and I can't stop taking her picture.

She is sunshine, joy and love.

She is all this and more.

She is a gift from God. 

Three faces of Eleanor

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