day 184 - pool party

We celebrated LK&E's fifth birthday today, at the home of their godparents, Andy & Lisa. It was a good thing we planned a pool party, because the temps here broke all records as the hottest day since 1980! It was a great day, with lots of family and good friends with us, swimming, presents, cupcakes and ice`cream...the girls had a blast and declared it the "best birthday party EVER!"

We love you Eleanor and LilyKate - more than you could ever know - and are so glad you had fun at your party! We can't believe you're turning FIVE, but with every year that passes, we love you more and more and will never stop being grateful to God for bringing our family together.

Andrea and Emma Lael enjoying the water

Daniel and Isabelle




Seth jumping off the diving board
Jackie chilling out in the pool

Daddy and his birthday girls

Jackie and Aunt Eleanor
Matt, Peggy, Daniel and Shelby

Matt and Emma Lael

Morgan and Seth

Ellie with her new scooter

LilyKate loves her scooter!

Singing Happy Birthday

Eleanor's turn

Matt and Morgan made this cool "pool man"

We had a great time at our party!


day 183 - closing program

The girls had an amazing week at PTCUMC's Summer Camp, and the whole family was invited back this evening to see some of what the kids learned this week. LilyKate wasn't feeling well and didn't feel up to participating in the program, but Eleanor went up with her group. She didn't have any lines, but she roared like a lion and smiled the entire time. She told us afterwards that she loved being on stage...hmmmm, budding performer maybe?

On stage with friends
Our little actress - Eleanor

LK watching her sister on stage


day 182 - courageous

At VBS Summer Camp, the girls learned how to be courageous, like lions, and had their faces painted to remind them. Eleanor loved hers and wouldn't let me wash it off until bedtime...this is one cute little lion!


day 181 - superheroes

Eleanor and LilyKate were playing superheroes today and asked me to put their beach towels on as capes. Eleanor was Super Ladybug Girl and LK was Super Butterfly Girl...of course! What else would they be?


day 179 - summer camp

This week the girls are attending Summer Camp at a local church. They had so much fun Soaking up the Son...we can't wait to go back for more fun and fellowship tomorrow!


day 178 - photo shoot

The girls were part of a photo shoot today for a wonderful kids clothing company called Junebug. Wendy is the designer/owner and she makes adorable clothes for girls & boys. The shoot was at Serenbe, and there were about 10 kids there, having fun and getting photographed in cute outfits.

It was great to have our friends Mike and Ashley there, along with their two cutie pie's, Wyatt and Grey, and we met some other lovely folks while spending a few hours in a beautiful place. I can't wait to see the professional shots, but here a few I took in between the setups, and over the photographer's shoulder.


day 176 - closet finds

I was cleaning out my closet today and the girls were right there "helping". Eleanor was having a great time trying things on, when she found this beach hat and gave me her best sassy pose. She makes my heart happy!


day 175 - twins?

How do you tell them apart? I get asked this ALL the time and since I never even think about it, I have a hard time giving people advice (and frankly the question kind of irritates me at this point....Hello? I'm their mom!)

What do you think?
Can you tell who is who in this photo?


day 174 - for emma lael

The girls have a sweet friend named Emma Lael, who is also from China. They were in preschool together, and not only did they become fast friends, but Emma Lael's mommy, Andrea, and I also formed a friendship.

We are blessed by this family and were feeling so sad for EL, as she has been suffering with migraine headaches, and because of one, missed coming to bible study today. The girls were coloring and decided to make a get well card for their friend. I helped them with the spelling of a few words, but the rest was all them. They know she likes ladybugs, so they made sure to include some on their cards.

We love you Emma Lael and are praying your headaches stop soon!

Close-up of Eleanor's card
LilyKate holding her card to EL