day 170 - family day four

Today we celebrated four years as a family of four! It's hard to believe that we have been home that long, but as I look back to here, here, here and especially here, I know it's true. It feels like yesterday, but also like we have never been without them!

LilyKate and Eleanor continue to blossom with every day that passes. They will turn five in a couple of weeks and will start Kindergarten in August. Their sweetness and beauty still take my breath away. We have been blessed, we know this, and give God all the glory for creating our family in such beautiful and perfect way.

We spent the day at Zoo Atlanta. The girls were super excited to go, asked us ten times in the car if we were there yet, and skipped/ran from one animal exhibit to the next, loudly exclaiming, "I love elephants", or "Pandas!!", and "Can we ride the train now, now, now?" The weather was sunny and warm, and we all had a great time. After we headed home, we changed into swimsuits and headed over to Andy and Lisa's for a swim, where we met up with Johnny's brother Michael, wife Lisa, and cousins Morgan, Jackie and Seth. The girls showed off their new swimming skills and we all enjoyed being in the water and relaxing together.

As I was putting the girls to bed, my eyes filled with happy tears when they said their prayers, and thanked God for our family, and their grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. My heart was just bursting with love for these precious girls and how all of our lives have been changed in such an amazing way by adoption.

To the Zoo we go!
So happy to be here

First stop, the Flamingo Pond

Baby Giraffe and Zebras
Giraffe love
My beautiful girls


Mama and Baby Po
I was there too ;-)
Lovin' on a goat

Hey little fella!

We love petting the goats

Eleanor was so excited to ride the carousel

Love this shot of E and Daddy
All Aboard!
Toucan Sam
Eleanor trying to feed a very disinterested parakeet

Gorgeous colors

My lovely butterfly girl

Leopard girl

Having fun in the pool with Jackie and Morgan

The water was chilly but they didn't mind!
Jackie and Eleanor
Morgan and LilyKate

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  1. Happy 4 years... the girls have grown sooo much and are sooo beautiful..
    Have a wonderful week..