day 185 - five

Today Eleanor and LilyKate officially turn five! When they woke up this morning, we had their gifts ready and waiting for them. The first gifts were adorable Lydia Love dolls, created by a sweet lady named Valerie, who owns Ruffled Feathers.

Not only is Valerie creative and talented, but she donates part of her proceeds to benefit orphans in China, so when I saw them, I was smitten! Not to mention that when the girls looked over my shoulder and saw them on the screen, they loudly exclaimed that they wanted one each for their birthday. I was so excited for them to open them...I knew they would love them!

Can we open now Mommy?

Needless to say, the dolls were enthusiastically received...thanks so much for making them Valerie! They will be well-loved.

The other gifts we gave the girls were pink tigers. Their friend Claire has one, and two years ago, when our travel group reunited at Disneyworld, Claire brought pink tiger along and she was in great demand. I tried to find some then, but was out of luck.

Claire and Eleanor with the original Pink Tiger at Epcot in 2011

Pink Tiger was also present at our reunion in Siesta Key this past May, and again, the girls were vying for time with the little creature.

Claire, Sophia, LilyKate and Eleanor, Siesta Key 2012

I tried again to find some after that trip and couldn't, but after several weeks, finally got lucky and managed to locate first one, and then another, through Amazon. The girls casually added at some point that they needed to be pink ballet tigers (Claire's had a tutu on the first time)....eek! I searched high and low for tutu's that would fit the tigers, but had no luck and ended up having to craft some myself. I also made each tiger a little bow, to tell them apart. They turned out pretty cute actually, and the girls were beyond excited to FINALLY hold their very own pink tigers!

Eleanor with her long-awaited Pink Tiger!

LilyKate can't believe she finally has a Pink Tiger of her own!

After breakfast, we got ready and headed off to church. LilyKate and Eleanor have the sweetest, most wonderful godparents you could imagine, Andy and Lisa. Andy is Jonathan's first cousin, and Andy's parents, Eleanor and Al, were Jonathan's godparents. Al is now deceased, but Aunt Eleanor is a big part of our lives, so much so, that we named our sweet Eleanor after her. Anyway, we didn't get a chance to take pics at the party, so we made sure we got some photos after church.

Andy, Lisa, LilyKate and Eleanor

The Love Family - July 1, 2012
We are still in awe that our sweet girls are five and look forward to all the milestones and adventures that the year ahead will surely bring! Thanks to everyone for making their 5th birthday so very special!

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