day 188 - happy 4th of july

Eleanor and LilyKate waiting for the parade to start
LilyKate is happy despite not feeling well
Andrea, Amy, Shannan and Susan - 4 blessed Mommies!
with Emma Lael, Jillian, Kell, Eleanor and LilyKate
(photo from Andrea)
My Sweet Hubby
Decorated Golf Cart
Parade Fun

Stars and Stripes
Creative Cart
More Cool Carts
Emma Lael
Friends watching the parade
Loving the parade with EL (photo from Andrea)

Peachtree City living at it's best
Hope yours is that and more!

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  1. You girls are so adorable!! They always look so happy and cheeky! My husband and I were commenting on how you can tell that they are Jiangxi girls! I can't believe I can pick out so many similarities. I bet they're "spicy" girls too!! Wish we were closer to visit!