day 194 - sweet toothy grins

We are in the throes of sickness around here, so besides watching movies, drinking fluids, and napping, not much of note is happening...certainly nothing I want to take pictures of, so I pulled this one out of the archives. This was taken one or around this day in July 2008. We had been home from China for less than two weeks, and we still getting acclimated to our life together as a family of four. Despite struggling with sleep issues, the girls were almost always smiling and laughing, as evidenced in this shot. Could they be any cuter and oh my, how those eight little teeth make this Mama's heart melt like butter!

LilyKate and Eleanor - July 2008

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  1. adorable
    they grow up so fast...treasure every second with them..they will be teenagers before you blink an eye