day 197 - vacation bible school

2 Samuel 22:29,"The Lord lights up my darkness." 

Our church Vacation Bible School started tonight. We are trying something a little different this year with a weekend program, beginning Friday evening, continuing Saturday morning, and concluding on Sunday night.

I have been leading things up, organizing volunteers, buying supplies, decorating, and making sure everything gets done in time. Our church is not large, so having a weekend program seems like it will be a great fit for us. The girls have been so excited seeing all the preparations and waiting for the whole thing to start...and it's finally here!

Tonight went well! The kids had fun and were learning about God's love and how they can shine it for all the world to see. It's going to be a great weekend at Rocky Point Lighthouse!

Intently watching the music program

Putting together soup for a service project

My sweet LilyKate loving VBS
Eleanor learning to Shine God's Light
Jonathan leading the kids at "Lighthouse Landing"

The centerpiece of our decor....this amazing lighthouse!

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