day 209 - annual checkup

The girls had their annual checkup today and they were less than thrilled by the idea of a) visiting the Dr. and b) getting a shot. We were a little behind on our immunizations and even though turning 5 usually means a needle-free visit, for us it wasn't.

Here is Eleanor after getting her finger pricked and waiting for the Dr. to come in:

Eleanor cried a little when they took her blood, was a trooper when it came to the vaccination...just a little whimper and she was fine. LilyKate was not happy, from the finger prick at the start, to the needle at the end, she was crying on and off and asking for Mommy. My mom went with me and we split the girls up, but in the end, I was with each of them for their shots, as LK was pretty much inconsolable, poor baby...hence, no photos of her were taken.

They were fine a few minutes after, once they were out of those exam rooms and were handed a yummy Popsicle to ease the sting of it all. You can see from the photo, that she still wasn't thrilled with the whole ordeal, but the promise of a special treat perked her spirits right back up, and she was her cheerful, sweet self in no time.

They had a great checkup though, and are on track with everything. They are in the 50th percentile for height and weight, so as the Ped said, "perfect". I am grateful everyday for two beautiful, smart, healthy children and will never take it for granted...thank you God! And thank you for no more shots until 2018!

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