day 211 - mermaids

Today was hot and humid - a typical summer day in the South - even though we attempted the park early this morning, it was just too hot. Even my hot-blooded, little Jiangxi girls couldn't take it. So after a quick trip to TCBY, we came home to just chill out. LilyKate asked if she could put her swimsuit on, and I suggested that we fill Mommy's big bath tub so they could play in the tub for awhile. They were positively giddy at the idea and ran off to change.

A few weeks ago, the girls got some little mermaids in a birthday party gift bag (thank you Andrea and Emma Lael!) that they have been playing with in the tub. Well, on a recent trip to the dollar store, we found some more, and the girls were so excited to have some friends for their mermaids. Armed with buckets, shells and a few other props supplied by Mommy, they happily played mermaids for at least an hour....oh glorious hour of sweet, contented play, which gave me time to not only clean their rooms, but the whole upstairs. Uninterrupted. In peace. Without requests for snacks, or me refereeing disagreements. In other words...BLISS. Here is the proof:

That was possibly the best investment of a dollar I have ever made, and one of the best ideas this Mommy has had in awhile. We will definitely be doing this again!

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  1. We have those same mermaids they are ini fact the best one dollar investment ever :)