day 212 - zookeepers

LilyKate and Eleanor love stuffed animals. They probably play with them more than anything else, making up games and keeping each other occupied for hours. Today they came up with the most elaborate game yet...Zoo. They had all the chairs downstairs standing in for cages, and the animals were grouped together by species. They asked me to help them make a sign. Eleanor wrote the words - with my help on spelling - and LilyKate drew the pictures - here it is:

It says: Zoo Closed....All Animals Are Sick

Lions and Tigers and Dogs?

One of our little Zookeepers

Close-up of sign showing sad, sick dog

Lion by LilyKate

Lone Quarantined Panda

Even the Mermaids were sick

Don't know what happened to the Barbies, but this doesn't look good

Sequestered Tigers
The zoo was spread out over all the downstairs and the game went on for at least an hour. The zookeepers tended to the sick and explored possible reasons for the outbreak. They finally came up with a cause....it was the monsters (not shown). The monsters contaminated the entire zoo with their sickness. They set about treating all the animals and eventually, the zoo was deemed ready to re-open.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, as much as we loved their creativity, we did insist they clean up after themselves...that was quite an undertaking too. Love my imaginative girls!

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