day 208 - families needed

I am happy to say that I am volunteering my time and talents for an adoption agency, advocating for some of their precious orphans. To help get the word out, I have started a new blog to get their information out to prospective families.

The blog is called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and I would really appreciate if you would share the site with your friends and family who might be considering adoption, or to just leave a comment of support and encouragement.

These are kids that are on a small list, shared among a limited group of agencies, in an effort to find them homes quickly. Their names and files will be put on the larger shared list if matches are not made within a few weeks. This gives us a chance to get the word out, post their pictures and see if we can find the perfect match for these special kids.

God doesn't make mistakes, and all these kids can thrive with the right love, care and attention.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and for your support and encouragement.

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