day 216 - braids

Every day I ask LilyKate and Eleanor how they want me to do their hair. Most days, LilyKate says, "one braid in the back", and Eleanor says,"I just want it straight", but today, LilyKate decided she wanted 4 braids, so off we went. She is very patient when I am doing her hair and will let me try different things, unlike Eleanor, who has a tough time keeping still (!!), but on this morning she declared she wanted 5 braids! I said, 5 is a hard number baby, can we make it 6, so 6 it was! They both also wanted ribbons on each braid, so we did that too, and they looked super-cute. We'll definitely be doing it again.

LilyKate loves braids

Braids and her scooter make her one happy girl

Braids and ribbons

I love my braids Mommy!

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