day 218 - auggie's birthday

Today we celebrated our nephew Austin's 3rd birthday. Austin had a bit of a rocky start in life...he was born 6 weeks early, and spent about that much time in the hospital before he could come home, so celebrating his 3rd birthday is extra-special.

He is such a sweet boy, with a shy smile, but he knows how to speak up when he doesn't like something (especially when Grandpa is teasing him.) We had cake, ice cream and presents, and loved ones to enjoy them with...everything a birthday should be!

The sweet birthday boy


Sean aka Papa
Hold on Auggie....make a wish!
LK and Grandpa having fun
The proud grandmas with sweet Auggie
This cute doggie was a big hit with everyone
My Eleanor
Austin opening gifts
Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Austin - we love you!

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