day 219 - olympic fever

We definitely have the fever here in the Love house, especially me! I can't get enough and am tuning into everything from gymnastics, to beach volleyball, to track and field, and a whole lot of other stuff in between. 

The men's gymnastics competition has featured some of the most exciting moments so far, with unlikely winners and unbelievable feats of strength and control. I loved watching the men's rings and pommel horse contests....wow! Can you say crazy strong? And how cool that a Brazilian athlete, Arthur Zanetti, won a gold medal, for the first time ever in men's gymnastics (beating out favored China), and the games will be held in Rio in 2016. What a hero he must be back home!

It drives me a little nuts sometimes that the coverage focuses so heavily on the US Team, even when they aren't doing well, but I love it all, from the back stories to the amazing moments of victory and triumph from people like Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Usain Bolt, and Kirani James. I am staying up way too late, but it's worth it...I am loving it all!

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