day 222 - kindergarten orientation

Today was Kindergarten Orientation for LilyKate and Eleanor (and Mommy!) We got to meet our awesome new teachers, see our new classroom, meet our classmates, and get a taste of what Kindergarten will be like!

 There are twenty kids in the girls' class and a pretty equal number of boys and girls. After a short meeting in the cafeteria, we went to check out the classrooms and get acquainted. Then, while the parents filled out paperwork and went over supply lists and asked questions, the kids played games in the gym, sang songs in music, learned about the color wheel in art, and most exciting of all, rode the big yellow school bus.

Our girls won't be taking the bus, as we live just down the street from the school, and we have decided to walk as much as possible, or zip over on our golf cart some days, so this was a rare treat for them. Everyone we met and spoke with was warm and friendly, and I just know the girls will love going there every day. They didn't want to leave and were exclaiming over everything they saw.

Monday will be bittersweet for me, as I have LOVED being home with them these past four years, but I know they will be in caring, capable hands. Kindergarten here we come!

Some very creative names in their class :-)

Eleanor's place



Ready for Kindergarten!

LilyKate wants to start today!

They loved getting to ride the school bus

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  1. they both look so happy.....they will have the best time in K